South Eastern Counseling Center

Buster Brown
counselor in training
Buster Brown

Founded in 1989, South Eastern Counseling Center, Inc. (S.E.C.C.)

has provided outpatient substance abuse treatment and aftercare services, drug education, substance abuse evaluations, and counseling services to felony offenders and/or court-ordered FDC individuals in the Orange and Seminole counties . Our qualified staff counselors have combined experienced in substance abuse counseling that includes all aspects of inpatient treatment services, outpatient substance abuse treatment, detoxification and long-term treatment for addiction recovery

Our philosophy

of treatment is a cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) based approach with emphasis on assisting each client to recognize the status of his or her problems, to demonstrate insight into his or her behavior, and to develop effective problem-solving and coping skills necessary to achieving a productive, drug-free lifestyle. We implement this philosophy by providing a home-like therapeutic environment; by providing a professionally competent and multidisciplinary and minority-represented staff; and by encouraging the development of relationship, life management, and societal skills that support a productive, drug-free lifestyle.

Personnel provide professionally directed evaluation assessments and treatment and recovery services in a system of regularly scheduled sessions while following a defined set of policies, procedures designed to achieve permanent change in an offender's substance use behavior. Our services address the major lifestyle, attitudinal, and behavioral issues that have undermined the offender's ability to cope with major life tasks in a healthy manner. The treatment intensity offered at the outpatient level will vary according to the offender's individual needs determined during the initial screening and intake assessment.